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The days after our son arrived were tumultuous, to say the least!  Judy brought calm into our hectic situation.  Her initial night with us was the first night I began to feel human again!  I actually got three continuous hours of sleep!!!  Her  recommendations let us know we were on the right track.  I was concerned that breast implants might interfere with breastfeeding.  Judy's gentle manner and encouragement helped me relax and breastfeeding has been a great success.

​                      Irvine Gal

Work friends suggested hiring a doula when our daughter arrived.  We really didn't know what to expect.  When Judy arrived she fit right in.  She was able to comfort our baby and help us learn so much.  No one talked about the responsibility new parent feel and the adjustment necessary. We feel so lucky to have found the perfect doula for us!!!

Grateful New Parents

​​​Our baby was born late.  Judy kept in touch with us, encouraging us along the way.  Once our daughter arrived Judy was with us in the evenings, helping us with all kinds of tips on how to calm her.  This brought us much peace.  Judy helped my wife stay on top of what she was eating and drinking by providing easy to understand food charts.  She kept a record of our daughter's feeding schedule and diaper changes.  These helps made it much easier to see the gradual improvement in our schedule.  She is very organized.  As a new Daddy this was a great relief.

​L. A. Daddy  

We welcomed our son into the world via C-section.  My surgery went beautifully.  Coming home to Judy allowed us to recuperate and sleep!!!!  She had many great ideas to help us acclimate.  She encouraged me to stay hydrated and plan fun things to do each day.  Our baby is nine months old and we see her from time to time to catch up and glean her wisdom!!


    First Time Mommy

We became parents earlier than expected when we delivered preterm.  We were really not ready.  We had recently moved in to the area and were not as settled as we had hoped.  Judy's first night with us was the first night I was able to sleep for more than two hours consecutively.  I felt like a new woman!  Judy taught us many tips to help our baby sleep consistently.   She was very calm and reassuring.  Her experience and professionalism brought us peace.  I truly don't know what we would have done with out her!

​Newport Beach Family

When we became parents it was with a little girl first! Then came our son!  He is the sweetest guy ever.  I struggled with several complications in my postpartum healing.  Judy cared for our newborn son as I improved.  Her experience and suggestions   provided comfort and assurance.  It was a relief to have someone present to ask questions of and with whom I could commiserate.  

                                      Second Time Mama

Our number two arrived by C-Section just as our first.  Our doula was there on the day we came home from the hospital just as she was with our first.  She remembered our three year old and was great with him.  Having help with our babies has been the best decision we made.  I can't imagine doing it any other way!  

                   Father of Two

​As first time parents we were worried about everything.  Judy brought peace to our hearts.  She answered all our questions in her quiet and gentle way.  She offered so many wonderful suggestions allowing our son to sleep better Our baby began sleeping well almost immediately.  Judy says it is because he is such a great baby.....but we know she had something to do with it!!!

Rested Mommy & Daddy

As a second time mother I thought I know how things were going to go.  ​This baby girl was waking up at all hours of the night.  I had not expected this.  I asked Judy to come in and sleep train her.  The results were amazing.  Judy helped her through the wake up times patting her, singing to her, and keeping her company.  Her patience and kindness were wonderful.  In just a few short weeks our baby was sleeping through the night happily!  What a relief!  Thank you Judy.

​   San Clemente Mommy​

Judy came to us after the birth of our fourth child.  She stayed in the nursery with our baby, bringing her into our room to breastfeed then changing and calming her.  I have more fond memories of this newborn experience than the others.  Having someone to ask questions of, to encourage me to take care of myself, and to just let me sleep was a Godsend.  

Experienced Newport Beach Mommy