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Although I was born on Long Island in New York, I am a Southern California girl at heart.  My father was a commercial airline pilot when I was born.  He flew the New York City to Tele Aviv, Israel route.  Eventually my parents moved back to the Los Angeles area, then on to Orange County

My Orange County schools are Ethel Dwyer Intermediate School, Huntington Beach and Edison High Schools in HB.  I participated in everything from sports and cheerleading to student government while there.  I attended Westmont in Santa Barbara then graduated from the University of California with a degree in counseling.  I worked with high school students for three years after college and then began a family.

I was born the eldest child of a large family.  Thus, I was changing diapers and caring for little ones from a young age.  It was great preparation for parenthood.  Our first two boys were fifteen months apart.  It was a crazy time of babies, babies, babies.  With one baby life can reasonably go on as before.  The second baby creates much more disruption in normalcy.  Now we had to get out the big stroller, allow for two morning naps, two car seats, and double the diaper duty!  Our daughter was born 2 ½ years later, after we moved to our home in Huntington Beach.  She was so different from her brothers! 

Sons number three and four followed, rounding out our brood of five.  With four boys life was competitive and very busy!!  We learned early boys need to be exhausted to stay out of trouble.  So, they all joined a swim team.  They were involved in Boy Scouts, AWANA, swim team, life guarding, church activities, and so much more!

Becoming a doula was the next step in life for me.  The Doula Association of North America, DONA, provided intensive training, rigorous qualification standards, and accountability.  Completing their certification process provided an even more extensive foundation from which to draw knowledge.  Whatever comes up with the families I serve I have already seen and experienced it somewhere along the line.  It is such a privilege to participate in the first few months of bringing a baby home.  Time and time again moms express their gratefulness at having a supportive calming influence present.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with families of many nationalities, belief systems, and service needs.  My responsibility, as your doula, is to bring a wealth of information and experience into your home to help you and your family acclimate to your new baby.  Services will be customized to your individual situation. My training and experience have equipped me to serve you in areas of baby care, breast feeding, sleep training, sibling acclimation, bottle feeding/formula, surrogacy, adoption, baby wearing, infant equipment, use of pacifiers, nursery set up, postpartum depression, infant loss counseling, referrals for other services and more...........

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Judy Eastman, B.A., DONA trained Postpartum Doula